Workshop · University of Southampton UK (Apr 2016)

Workshop Southampton 2016 Palma Choralis

Workshop Southampton 2016 Palma Choralis


Palma Choralis… The New Renaissance experience!

An Early Music one-day Workshop with Marcello Mazzetti & Livio Ticli

Music Department · Early Music Studies
28 April 2016, University of Southampton (UK)

Contents: Guidonian hand and Renaissance Solmization · Cantus Figuratus · Rhythm, Melos and Memory · Improvisation and Performance practice.

Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble
Marcello Mazzetti & Livio Ticli

coordination · Prof Elizabeth Kenny

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Session 1
Music Students, Undergraduates, Postgraduates are warmly invited

Seminar room, Department of Music (Building 2)
10.00-10.40 Welcome and informal chat with Palma Choralis · Research Group and Early Music Ensemble: introducing participants, piquing curiosities, watching and commenting multimedia of actual performances

10.40-11.00 Presenting some results of WUN RMP experience at UMassAmherst (USA) and International “Tasso in Music” Digital Project

Keyboard room, Nuffield building
11.00-12.00 Introducing some basic tools to familiarise with Renaissance music and experiencing some improvising techniques belonging to our oral-written tradition

12.00-13.00 Workshop on Italian Renaissance repertoire


Foto Musàicum Festival Palma ChoralisSession 2 · St Michael’s Church
Addressed to Cantores Michaelis · University of Southampton and open to all interested singers and instrumentalists

14.30-16.40 Workshop on Italian Renaissance sacred repertoire and vocal-instrumental performance practice issues*

*Motets by Floriano Canale and sacred music will be performed by Cantores Michaelis on Sun 1st May 2016



Workshop organised by
Music Department · Early Music Studies University of Southampton (UK)
in cooperation with
Cantores Michaelis · University of Southampton
Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble


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