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Early Music Department – Brescia (Italy)


The new Early Music Department (DipMusAnt) has been founded in Brescia, in cooperation with “S. Cecilia” Diocesan Foundation, Palma Choralis · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble and Diocesan Museum of Brescia.

The coordinators of the Diocesan School of Music “S. Cecilia” · DipMusAnt are Marcello Mazzetti and Livio Ticli, musicologists and musicians with a solid professional background as performers, academics, managers and artistic directors of international festivals.

Palma Choralis - Diocesana - DipMusAnt Brescia_1100x450The department’s network includes several international partners such as conservatoires, universities, museums, festivals, music chapels, etc.

Indeed, students and participants can benefit from several professional environments, and take the opportunity to perform sacred and secular music in unique historic venues.

DipMusAnt_Poster1The department offers a wide range of Early Music Courses which are informed by the latest research and taught by renowned academics and musicians: from professional and specialised courses (MasterPro) to specific training for amateurs and enthusiasts (PermaForm).


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