Early Music Summer Campus 2016 · Abbazia Rosazzo

EMSummer Campus 2016_Cover

EMSummer Campus 2016_Cover


Early Music  Summer Campus · «Ex ore infantium» Project

Discovering Music through Early Music Pedagogy

26-29 July 2016, Udine · Manzano · Rosazzo Abbey (ITA)

Contents: Guidonian hand and Renaissance Solmization · Elements of Cantus Figuratus · Rhythm, Melos and Memory · Musica Instrumentalis and Performance.

Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble
Marcello Mazzetti & Livio Ticli


Ex ore infantium 2016 Palma Choralis - Oratorio PuritàMASTER CLASS PROGRAMME

Tue 26 July – Fri 29 July

Josquin Desprez, Missa Hercules Dux Ferrariae, (c1503-4)

Floriano Canale, Motecta quatuor vocibus, 1581

Giovanni Matteo Asola, Missae duo decemque laudes, 1588


Livio Ticli: Vocal Coaching & Performance Practice
Marcello Mazzetti: Renaissance Notation & Performance Practice
Anna Giulia Serena: Master Class Coordinator & Choral Singing

Master Class organised by
Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble




Rosazzo Abbey



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