Master-Class DipMusAnt Brescia (Oct 2016)



La Messa dei Defunti nel tardo ’500

Floriano Canale & Giovanni Matteo Asola

Three-day Master Class in Renaissance Polyphony with Marcello Mazzetti & Livio Ticli

1a Masterclass intensiva di Polifonia Rinascimentale

Early Music Department in Brescia · Dipartimento di Musica Antica di Brescia

30 Oct- 1 Nov 2016, Fondazione “S. Cecilia” Brescia | Museo Diocesano di Brescia (ITA)

Contents: What modern singers and players should know to perform a Renaissance Requiem Mass?

Basics of Tridentine Liturgy, Music Lineups for a Requiem Mass, Plainchant and Mensural Notation in the Renaissance


Workshop organised by
Early Music Department Brescia · Fondazione Diocesana “S. Cecilia”

in cooperation with
Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble
Scuola Diocesana di Musica Sacra “Santa Cecilia” Brescia
Museo Diocesano di Brescia
Soli Deo Gloria (Reggio Emilia) · Organi, Suoni e Voci della Città


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