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Historical Venues Palma Choralis

Enrolment at the Early Music Department Brescia is now open!

***Early Bird registration closing on 15th October 2021***

Our calendar is online with dates and provisional hours.
N.B. Non-Brescia based students can ask for a personalised schedule (e.g. one date per month, or other) so to attend courses and activities more easily.

– ANNUAL COURSES & TRAINING (e.g. Medieval-Renaissance-Baroque Singing, Da-Cappella/Camera Renaissance Ensemble etc.) usually display around one/two dates per month (usually on Fridays/Saturdays) in which all the activities take place. Students involved in specific projects (concerts, worships, full-immersion sessions etc.) may have additional dates.
– NON ACADEMIC COURSES/ INDIVIDUAL TUITION are organised in modules of four slots according to a schedule to be agreed upon with the teaching staff (email us for info).

• Programmes Description
• Conditions, Calendar, Fees

PRACTICAL INFO – Brescia is very close to Milan (ca. 30 mins by train), well-connected and easy to get to by air (four airports nearby – Milan/Verona) or land (Flixbus, train etc.). ➔ OUR CAMPUS
Although Brescia is a big hub of North Italy, it is cheaper than other cities. Further, the Early Music Department has special deals with cafeterias and agreements with accommodations to overnight in Brescia at discounted prices, so please do not hesitate to make contact.

OUR FOCUS ·  Italian Renaissance and Baroque Repertoire (15-17th cent.)

OUR APPROACH · Cutting-edge Pedagogy based on historical sources (solmisation, performing from facsimiles, studying treatises etc.)

Historical Venues Palma Choralis

OUR STRENGTH · Performing in breath-taking historical venues (palaces, church double balconies etc.) the music conceived specifically for those contexts – often with original instruments such as 16-17th-century pipe organs (Brescia and surroundings)
Googlemaps_ico Photosphere – Church of San Giuseppe
Facebook_ico Venues (Organs, Cantoria, etc.)

WHY? Read more at www.palmachoralis.org/?p=5834 or make contact!



The EM background we created is built upon historical sources starting from all-encompassing disciplines such as solmisation, contrappunto à la mente/diminution/improvisation, canto figurato, canto fermo, etc. All this knowledge and related skills were part of a common background, and were shared amongst singers and players. Mastering a specific skill (as well as Virtuoso performances) came out from this versatile mindset and common tool-set, mainly grounded in singing. Thus, our goal is to re-found and re-think an “early” music training, not based on the 19-20th-cent heritage of the (modern) conservatoire, but looking at earlier music chapels and noble chambers according to a historical pedagogy.



Our varied range of Programmes includes several different paths and modules: Master Programmes, Professional Training for soloists and vocal/instrumental ensembles, Seminars on Italian Pronunciation for singers, Courses focussed on Italian 15/17th-century Music, Classes in Historical Counterpoint (Italian contrappunto à la mente), Ornamentation (Italian diminuzione), Improvisation, Vocal Coaching, Basso Continuo for strings, plucked instruments and keyboards, and much more at www.PalmaCHoralis.org/Dipartimento-Musica-Antica/International-Students


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