Passioni dell’anima, pietosi affetti (Amsterdam 2024)


Passioni dell’anima, pietosi affetti

Centuries of Love and Faith in Music

2024-06-05 – h. 15.00-16.00
Bernhard Haitinkzaal, Conservatorium van Amsterdam (Oosterdokskade 151, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Note sala Solitudini di sacri e pietosi affetti



Livio Ticli · Hautecontre, Harpsichord, Organ

Marcello Mazzetti · Tenor, Lute, Romantic Guitar
Gabriel Belkheiri · Tenor
Yerin Mira Läuchli · Soprano
Xander Baker · Gamba
Adriana Mendez Fernandez · Gamba
Alessandro Pianu · Fortepiano
Elena Roce · Organ
Vicente Romero · Romantic Flute

Music by Music by J. Ockeghem, J. Desprez, O. Lasso, P. de Monte, A. Mortaro, S. Molinaro, J.H. Kapsberger, G.B. Riccio, A. Grandi, W.A. Mozart-F. Carulli, F. Bertoni, V. Bellini, F. Verini.


Note sala Solitudini di sacri e pietosi affetti


The programme delves into the profound connections between spiritual devotion and the emotive power of music across the centuries. It will explore how the dual themes of love and faith have been intertwined in musical compositions, reflecting the depth of human passion and the enduring nature of spiritual belief.

Poster Palma ChoralisEven the Holy Scriptures have consistently served as a source of inspiration for modes of expression that have historically been unified according to a precise artistic canon that has been developed over centuries, whereby the Word is expressed through Sound. The liturgy and its texts have thus become another essential driving force behind the most diverse and significant musical forms and genres.

Through the sensitivity of the performer, these forms and genres are able to describe the admirable intertwining of the human and the divine, giving it ‘voice’ not only in the great cathedrals, but also in the quiet and intimate atmosphere of the domestic spaces such as the nineteenth-century salotto. Traversing the rich landscape of sacred and secular works, we celebrate the universal expressions of the soul’s deepest affections and its journey toward the divine.

Palma-Choralis-Ensemble-Mazzetti-TicliFrom liturgical and musicological research comes, therefore, a musical excursus showcasing the secular and sacred repertoire in Italian and Latin, juxtaposing the 15th-century roughness with the rich polyphonic weavings of the Renaissance, the elegant artifices of the early Italian Baroque and the sumptuous virtuosity of the Romanticism. This evocative itinerary will lead the audience into the private – secret and most contemplative – dimension in which the voice often lets itself go in broad melismas that, more than words, capture and metaphysically embody the inner peregrinatio of the secular poetry along with the personal meditation suggested by the sacred texts.



Palma Choralis · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble
Dipartimento Musica Antica Brescia
Dipmusant Brescia
Brescia International Early Music Summer School & Festival


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