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Floriano Canale - Canale Festival 2014-15 Palma Choralis


Sarteano Early Music Campus

If you’re interested in Renaissance and Baroque repertoire, SEMC in the enchanting Tuscan village of Sarteano offers the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a musical journey like no other, where tradition meets innovation, and passion fuels [...] READ MORE



Brescia International Early Music Summer School & Festival

Addressed to all-age players and singers, the summer school and travelling festival based in Brescia is is a unique opportunity for intensive training and performing in Italy: it offers weeks of fantastic singing/playing classes, performance opportunities, along with concerts, social events and tours in some of the most beautiful cities and historic villages in Central and Northern Italy. We welcome students from all over the world to work with European leading early music ensembles, scholars specialised in HIPP and experts in Early Music Pedagogy and Improvisation. [...] READ MORE



Tasso Music Festival
Festival diffuso per la valorizzazione del Tasso in Music Project

Festival diffuso fra le città di Ferrara, Bergamo, Bologna e Brescia, che ha l’intento di promuovere il database multimediale denominato Tasso in Music Project ( prodotta dalle università americane di Stanford e UMass-Amherst, attraverso conferenze, giornate di studio, performance e incontri con studenti, studiosi e, più in generale, cittadini interessati ai rapporti fra poesia e musica nel periodo tardo rinascimentale e primo barocco. [...] READ MORE



Canale Festival
Rassegna culturale e musicale in onore di Floriano Canale

On the 4th Centenary of Floriano Canale’s death (1616-2016) a four-year project (2013-2016) has been designed for the citizenship from Cremona and Brescia to promote the cultural heritage integrating Arts, Music and Faith and to make known the Renaissance great figure of Floriano Canale – organist, composer, monk, alchemist, exorcist and scientist – to whom the Festival is dedicated. [...] READ MORE



Conditor alme siderum
International Cultural Festival between Arts, Music, Science and Faith

Three-year project (2010-2012) for the citizenship to promote the cultural heritage integrating Arts, Music, Science and Faith and so, different art forms, disciplines and professions within a synthesis of the Knowledge leaded traditionally to Christian origin of European culture. [...] READ MORE



Arts & Culture Projects

Corso Mameli StreetArt · Atelier delle Arti Palma Choralis Brescia

Atelier delle Arti Palma Choralis fotoAtelier delle Arti
Fucina artistica per la comunità

The Atelier of Arts is a Palma Choralis® project, created by Marcello Mazzetti and Livio Ticli to give artists and the community a dynamic environment for meeting, talking, sharing, thinking and, particularly, «doing». Around it buzz amateurs, specialists, scholars, enthusiasts, young students and, broadly speaking, everyone who loves Beauty. There are many opportunities to learn, grow and better oneself: alongside exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, crafts, books, musical instruments, it offers a wide range of courses in Fine Arts, Craftsmanship, Dance, Theatre, Poetry, Early and Classical Music. [...] READ MORE



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