«Ex ore infantium» Project

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Italian Sacred Music (1550-1640) - Research Proj

«Ex ore infantium» Project

Discovering Music through Early Music Pedagogy – Child-friendly

by Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble
Prof. Marcello Mazzetti & Prof. Livio Ticli


This project area (included in the Main Research Area Early Music Pedagogy) focusses on designing Preparatory Courses for kids and teens (5-18 aged) which provide basic tools to develop several music skills such as singing (in small groups as well as in choir) and playing instruments (e.g. Harpsichord, Lute, Gamba and Harp).

The «Ex ore infantium» project is an avant-garde method to teach kids and teens Early Music, developed by Palma Choralis Research Group – a team of academics, researchers in music performance, teachers and professional musicians. Since 2010 the project has been internationally rewarded as a successful toolbox for developing creativity and music potential in young generations through an innovative approach to Early Music which combines historic pedagogy, based on primary sources from Middle Ages to Baroque, as well as the results of the latest research in Music Education.

SPECS (Prep Courses developed since 2010)

Addressed · 5-18 aged students

Main Contents

• Guidonian hand and Renaissance Solmization
• Basic Elements of Cantus Figuratus · Rhythm, Melos and Memory
• Musica Instrumentalis
• Performance

Main Programmes
• Pueri Cantores – Early Music Prep Course (unbroken voices – children)
• Juvenes Cantores (broken voices – teenagers)
• “Wonderful Music Boxes” – Introduction to Early Music and Historical Instruments



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