Since 2006 Palma Choralis® activities have counted a wide range of events. Clicking on the links below, you can read latest news about our musical activities.

Sacred-Theatrical performances_3Sacred and Theatrical Performances – For years Palma Choralis Ensemble has leaned towards early theatrical representations (or excerpts) and new pastiches, where a tale is told to the public.

Worships_2Worships – Since the foundation some specific research projects have allowed the Ensemble to integrate sacred music in those special contexts which it was meant to be for and now it proposes some liturgical reconstructions of offices of single festivities or Saints within the Rite (e.g. the Mass or the Divine Office).

Historical Reenactments_3Historical Reenactments – The Ensemble has planned some reenactments in cooperation with some musical and cultural associations.

Spectacles & Banquets_3Spectacles and Banquets – Thanks to co-operations with specific cultural associations and historical dance groups, since 2010 Palma Choralis Ensemble has offered events which aim to embody the spirit of early feasts by combining research in Early Music, Dance, Theater and Cookery.

Live Concerts_4Live Concerts – The Ensemble performs also some concert programs from sacred to secular repertoire, anthologically presented in usual contexts such as auditoriums, music halls and churches.


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