Video: Earliest Piece of Polyphonic Music

Earliest Piece Polyphonic Music - Palma Choralis

The Earliest Piece of Polyphonic Music Discovered by Giovanni Varelli

Cremona (Italy), Chiesa di S. Bassano

See The Earliest Piece of Polyphonic Music Discovered by Giovanni Varelli

Earliest Piece of Polyphonic Music - Palma ChoralisDescription: «In 2011 Giovanni Varelli, working on his paper «Early Source for Two-Voice Organa in British Library, Harley 3019» for several international conferences (Med-Ren, Cantus Planus…), asked Palma Choralis’ cooperation in performing and recording both antiphon and organum “Sancte Bonifati martyr”. Thus, we are pleased…» [...] Read more!

Palma Choralis vocal ensemble

Livio Ticli Vox principalis
Marcello Mazzetti Vox organalis




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