Video: Contrapunto alla mente 5-8 voices | Palma Choralis EDU

Contrappunto alla mente 5-8 voices - Palma Choralis EDU 2015

«Psallite Sapienter» · Early Music Course 2015

Dipartimento delle Arti Visive · Performative · Mediali (Bologna University)
February · March 2015
Palazzo Marescotti (via Barberia 4, Bologna, Italy)

For Psallite Sapienter · Early Music Course 2015

«The intensive course for Master/PhD students in Musicology (24h) deals with several issues about improvisation and ornamentation within learning processes in 15th-17th cent. repertoire, as well as…» [...] Read more!

B. Bottazzi, Choro et organo, Venezia, 1614: Kyrie Cunctipotens (cantus firmus)
Improvised Counterpoint: formulas from
- S. Cerreto, Della Prattica musica vocale & strumentale, Napoli 1601
- A. Banchieri, Cartella Musicale, Venezia 1614
- G. B. Rossi, Organo de’ Cantori, Venezia, 1618


MA/PhD students in Musicology · Singers and players


Marcello Mazzetti - Lecturer (Voice, Lute, Renaissance Gamba) 

Livio Ticli - Lecturer (Voice, Keyboard) 




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