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Cultura musicale bresciana (Brescia, May 2018)


Cultura Musicale Bresciana. Testimonianze e Reperti di una civiltà


Ateneo di Brescia · Accademia di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti
h 17.00 – 4th May 2018
Salone delle Adunanze – Palazzo Tosio (via Tosio 12, Brescia – Italy)

annali-storia-bresciana-mazzetti-ticli-palma-choralis-2017A new unmissable book about Brescian music and culture is finally out: it was presented in Brescia on May 4, 2018.

Barezzani, Maria Teresa Rosa, and Mariella Sala, eds. Cultura musicale bresciana. Reperti e testimonianze di una civiltà. Annali di storia bresciana, 5 (2017). Brescia: Morcelliana, 2017.

We are very proud our directors Marcello Mazzetti and Livio Ticli collaborated on the book editing...

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Brescia International Early Music Summer School & Festival



Enrolment for edition 2018 is now open!

You can finally enrol to BIEMSSF 2018: the unmissable summer school and travelling festival based in Brescia is back!

BIEMSSF, designed and directed by Marcello Mazzetti and Livio Ticli,  is a unique opportunity for intensive training and performing in Italy: it offers 12 days of fantastic singing/playing classes, performance opportunities, along with concerts, social events and tours in some of the most beautiful cities and historic villages in Central and Northern Italy. We welcome students from all over the world to work with European leading early music ensembles, scholars specialised in HIPP and experts in Early Music Pedagogy and Improvisation.

Want to get a sense of the pro...

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Early Music Department Brescia – DipMusAnt Brescia a.a. 2017-18



Early Music Department Brescia

Marcello Mazzetti & Livio Ticli | Heads

Palma Choralis® · Research Group & Early Music Ensemble  & Fondazione Diocesana “Santa Cecilia” Brescia

Next dates and projects of Early Music Department Brescia

Education 2017-18 (starting on Oct 27th)

• Master (1- and 2-year) Programmes in Early Music Performance Practice and Pedagogy
• Courses and Training for professionals
• Pre-bachelor Courses for young students
• Life-long Learning for Enthusiasts and Beginners (Choral Workshop and Renaissance Music Culture)
• Early Music Prep-Courses for singers and players (6-18 aged) – «Ex ore infantium» Project
• Individual/Ensemble Classes


• «La cartella del Cantore» – Workshops and Showcases for Primary and Secondary Schools

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