Video: Officium Stellae (CAS 2012)

Officium Stellae 2009

Teleradiocremona TV Reportage by Stefano Priori

Officium Stellae. Sacred Representation for the Epiphany of our Lord Jesus Christ”

2012-12-21 – h. 20.45
St. Hilary Church, Cremona (Italy)

For Conditor alme siderum 2012 · International Cultural festival between Arts · Music · Science · Faith, 3rd edition

Foto Officium StellaeDescription: «The spectacle Officium Stellae, premiered in Cremona (after Brescia 2009), is the result of researching both on medieval musical/liturgical sources and on respective Renaissance evidences. So, we conceived the idea to present to modern audience Officium Stellae, a liturgical drama documented…» [...] Read more!

Performance: Gregorian chant, Medieval and Renaissance Polyphony. Music from Calixtinus Codex and by G.M. Asola, G.P. Cima, S. Calvisius.


Designing, mise-en-espace, artistic and music direction by
Marcello Mazzetti and Livio Ticli




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